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Hi! I’m Caryn Rose and I write about music history, recorded music, pop culture, and more. My clips of recent work are here.

You’ve probably seen my work in places like Pitchfork, NPR Music, Salon, Vulture, Billboard, Pollstar, Backstreets, and many more. In the 90’s, I used to run a Pearl Jam website called Five Horizons and wrote about baseball in the mid 00’s under the name Metsgrrl. I have written a number of books, most recently WHY PATTI SMITH MATTERS.

This newsletter is where I write about things I can’t place elsewhere or go long on stuff I have published. I’m a full-time freelance writer, and this work here is part of how I pay the bills. Please subscribe, even at the free level because numbers help writers get work and get paid more for that work when we have proof we have people who read that work. THANK YOU.

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